WNBA Bets 2016 Archive


In 2016 we went 22-11 with the WNBA Tips.

I was on a great run and then the Olympics happened and as usually happens when the Olympics happen – I lose interest in WNBA upon its return. I had only a few tips following the Olympics.

I’ve compiled all the individual posts into this one big post below. I know it’s messy sorry about that. If I can be bothered I’ll go through and create a nice table one day.

WNBA Tips May 21st, 2016 Just a quick note that I’ll be doing detailed writeups for WNBA over at SportsBettingTips.org occasionally. Here there will remain no wrote-up. Remember these are for the most part computer generated tips with a bit of user input.

Started the WNBA season off well there with a Sparks -6.5 cover last night.

Going to ride the Sparks again tonight with Sparks +1. I know Rodgers is doing well but man Parker is proven and she’s got a lot to prove.

Also have to take Sun -6. While I haven’t been impressed with the Sun so far, the Mystics look a bit beaten up with Ruffin-Pratt and Malott both still rusty, and Latta out. Their defense is a mess at the moment.

WNBA Tips May 22nd, 2016 Sky -4
WNBA Tips May 24th, 2016 Sparks -2.5
WNBA Tips June 21, 2016 Alright hope to get back to doing these regularly.

Wings +2 today
And in the big one – Lynx +2.5. Gonna be great
WNBA Tips for June 24th, 2016 Hi guys,

A great 2-0 night last time out.

We’re on Mystics -2 tonight. Gotta like the way the Mystics are playing and hopefully they’ll get better while the Mercury continue to struggle to find their way.

Big game for the Liberty but I’m on Sky +3.5.

I’m probably going to be on Sparks +4 but I might awit to see the status of Maya Moore before that one so check the Twittah and see if she is playing or not.

And get a free bet for the WNBA over at Betway. No Americans accepted there. Their WNBA is listed under Basketball->USA->WNBA.
WNBA Tips June 25th, 2016 A 2-1 night last night. The only loss was the Mystics who bounced back big in the 3rd quarter but couldn’t continue their momentum.

System likes theStars +4.5 tonight. While they’re quite poor they’ve shown a lot of fight at home.
WNBA Tips June 26th 2016 Another winning night makes it 5-1 to us since I’ve been back doing the tips. Hope it continues.

System thinks the point spread is just a few points too much today and recommends Sun +16.
WNBA Tips June 29th, 2016 Bookies must be expecting a big bounce back for the Lynx, but I’m going to take Liberty +10.5 tonight.
7-1 Run! Our record is now 7-1. Nice little run we’re on.

System likes Mystics +4 tonight – hard not to see why based on their run lately. I’m a bot concerned Sky get back on track – these two played back in June and Sky won 98-72 so will be interesting. This is one where I personally disagree with my betting system but hey it’s been right 7 out of 8 times so let’s go with it.

Speaking of hot streaks – despite the nice run the Mercury are on the system likes Liberty +3.5 tonight.
July 2nd, 2016 WNBA Tips Well the system was correct again as we go 8-1 in the WNBA.

Bit concerned about the Lynx and being well rested but the system still likes Stars +16.

Also likes Sun +10. Day of the underdogs I guess.
July 3rd, 2016 WNBA Tips Liberty +8
WNBA Tips July 5th, 2016 Chicago Sky are pretty erratic – tough to back them at times but we’re going to take Sky +10. Bit concerned with the Lynx bench though but I think the Sky keep this one closer than the 10 point spread.

Going to go with momentum to be on their side and Mercury +1.5 as well.
July 6th, 2016 WNBA Tips Fever +11.5
WNBA Tips July 7th, 2016 Another winner last night! What a great season so far. Hope it continues.

Sun +11.5 is the play the system likes tonight.
WNBA Tips July 8th, 2016 Another win! Loving this season so far. Hope you’re all enjoying the free WNBA Tips. I’ll be keeping them free for the rest of the season.

System thinks Liberty vs Sky is going to be an uber tight game but sees value in Liberty +1.5.
WNBA Tips for July 13th, 2016 Going to take the Dream +6 and hope that they continue to run hot. Liberty are the better team but the Dream have been looking good at the moment.

Going to also take Mystics +4.5.
WNBA Tips July 15th, 2016 My own personal thought is Sun +10 today but the system isn’t convinced. System likes Dream +4.5. I’m also taking Sky -5.5 as the Johnson loss is huge for them. Finally on Storm +1.5.
WNBA Tips July 20th, 2016 Almost time for the Oylmpic break. I’ll miss the WNBA we’ve made a killing on it so far this season.

I’m on Sun +5 today.
August 31st WNBA Tips Hope everyone enjoyed the olympics break.

Quick note that I may be rushing things coming back – usually I wait for quite a few games before tipping so bear that in mind. I will probably bet only half a unit as I think it’s silly to factor in pre-Olympics form too much.

I mean this tip is generally based on the last two games but Storm -4.5.

Note the Wings have beaten them twice this year if I recall correctly. But Dallas just seem flat since being back.
WNBA Tips September 1st, 2016 We return from the olympics with a winning start going 1-0 last night in a nice and easy one.

Hopefully that continues. Been an amazing season so far for us reminds me of the 2007/2008 seasons where WNBA was so easily beatable and we were hitting 60%+.

Sparks have came out of the Olympics struggling, and the system recommends Stars +11.5 right now. It’s a bit wary despite all that because of the historical results but factoring in even the last few games pre-Olympics it still likes the Stars. I ran the numbers since McBride went out and it’s happy with the Stars here.

WNBA Tips for September 4th, 2016 The Stars are struggling, but the system think they can still keep it close against the Sky. Just hope the heads don’t go down but Stars +11 is the play.

The system isnt convinced by the Dreams latest performances but it does think based on their home form they’re worth a play at -3.5.

Fever +9 is a play today.

Have to roll with the Sun +11 as well.
September 9th, 2016 WNBA Tips Stars +4
WNBA Tips Sep 13 Betting Fever +1 today. Even though they are already in the playoffs they still have that first round bye to play for. Sun have been poor and now they’re out of playoff contention you have to wonder if they’ll even show up here.
WNBA Tips Sep 16 Getting a bit trickier to do the tips as you have to factor in mentality now and pretty hard for a system to do that. It likes Stars +12.5 tonight also slightly likes Fever +3.5 so have a look at both see if you want them or not