WNBA Bets 2010 Archive


This is the betting archives for the free WNBA Betting Tips I provided in 2010.

It was an interesting season as I felt like my betting system was almost outdated. Sportsbooks had finally paid attention to WNBA and the lines weren’t as soft as before. This was helped both by my own site and the popularity of another WNBA Betting Tips site. Vegas had to start paying attention.

Final 2010 record was 16-12 for a 57.1% win record. So yeah only 28 freaking picks.

WNBA Tips Starting Soon Well the WNBA season is almost underway, and our free picks service will begin within the next few days.

As always, these tips are 100% free, all computer generated, and we’ll never charge for tips. We hope that all betting tips will be released by 9am the day of each game. I also don’t plan on posting on any sports betting forums this year(I’m MrBlueNose on 2+2 and other forums BTW) so this will be the sole place for WNBA Tips.

We’ve also got a nice redesign and a few other things coming. To keep updated with the tips you can subscribe via RSS Feed or E-mail.

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We won’t have any tips for opening day, but should have picks shortly after that once we start collecting all data.
NBA Tips for May 16th We don’t have any picks today for the Celtics/Magic game unfortunately. The lines seem to be pretty on par with what the computer system expects. We’ll hopefully have picks for game 2 once we’ve crunched the data from game 1.

We do have a tip for the Suns/Lakers game however. That series starts Monday.

The computer system predicts Suns +6 as a bet.

WNBA Tips will be starting this week.

WNBA & NBA Tips for May 25 In the NBA Playoffs tonight, take Over 220.5 in the game between the Lakers and the Suns. Bet At Bookmaker.

Today also marks the first day of WNBA Tips. We’ve got just one pick today, which is Washington Mystics +6.5 against the Seattle Storm.

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NBA & WNBA Betting Picks for May 27 Whew – well, 2-0 on Tuesday as we won both our NBA & WNBA Bets, but boy was that close. We won both bets by exactly half a point. Can’t believe the Washington Mystics almost blew it.

The NBA win brings our NBA YTD for the season to 147-112.

We’re going with the over again tonight in Suns vs Lakers Take Over 217, currently available at Sportsbooks like 5Dimes.

And remember you can keep up to date with all lines on our NBA Live Odds Page.

For WNBA – a great place to bet WNBA is 5Dimes as they always have the quickest lines and First Half Lines. For WNBA today, we have:

Seattle Storm vs Chicago Sky: Over 145.

We’ll be doing some website design changes over the next few hours so if anything seems amiss – it is! I’m one of those idiots who like to do all web design work on a live site.

Remember – Bet at 5Dimes.
NBA & WNBA Picks for May 28 We got a nice win on Thursday in the WNBA to take our record to a whopping 2-0 for the season.

We hope to start first half lines soon.

We’ve implemented the new design at WNBA Tips – hope you like it, and any feedback of course just send it to me. We’ll be adding a lot better live WNBA odds, as well as WNBA specific reviews, in the very near future.

The Atlanta Dream have won all their games so far this season, and the system expects a tight game against the Phoenix Mercury. The play is: Atlanta Dream +4.5.

The Los Angeles Sparks has had a bad start to the season. Home form may make a difference there, but the system is comfortable with Washington Mystics +6.

One NBA play today below the banner:

Orlando Magic vs Boston Celtics: Under 190.5

NBA & WNBA Plays for May 29 A win and a push yesterday in WNBA puts our WNBA record to 3-0. We also won in the NBA yesterday to take that YTD to 148-113.

We’ve got two NBA Playoff picks for Saturday. They are:

Suns -1
Over 216

In WNBA we have first half plays only. They are:

Shock +2.5
Fever/Shock Over 76.5

WNBA Pick for May 30 An unfortunate 0-2 in the NBA Playoff game yesterday, and 1-1 in the WNBA First Half plays.

Today we have the following WNBA Play:

Silver Stars vs Storm: Over 148

WNBA Play for June 1 We’ve got one WNBA play so far today, although may have some first half plays later when the lines are released.

The play is:

Storm vs Dream: Take Dream +4.

No Tips Today Hi all,

Unfortunately we have no NBA or WNBA Betting Tips today.

The World Cup is fast approaching, so be sure to read our guide on: Free World Cup Bets.

Back tomorrow hopefully with some WNBA Tips.
WNBA Bets for June 5 WNBA Bets today are:

New York Liberty vs Indiana Fever: Liberty +7.5
Chicago Sky vs Tulsa Shock: Shock +7.5
Seattle Storm vs LA Sparks: Over 148.5

WNBA Tips for June 6th That was a horrible performance by Tulsa in the 4th quarter yesterday, as they pretty much gave up after a competitive previous two quarters. It’s still early in the season, but I’m really hoping Nolan Richardson can get everything worked out, because I’d like to see him succeed.

Oh well, we still went 2-1 regardless with a hot finish to the Storm/Sparks game. Was great to see the Sparks finally come alive in the 4th, even if it was all for nought.

Today we have:

Connecticut Sun vs San Antonio Silver Stars: Sun -6

In the first half of this game, also take Sun -3.

No NBA plays today. Lines are too tight at the moment still. Hopefully have something for game 3.

WNBA & NBA for June 10 2-0 on Sunday, as the Sun beat the Silver Stars with relative easy. That brings our YTD for the season to 8 wins out of 12.

Tonight in the Minnesota Lynx vs Phoenix Mercury game, we have Under 181.5 points.

In the NBA Playoff Game 4 match between the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics, our computer system predicts the Celtics to cover. Take Celtics -4.

And just a reminder – the world cup starts very very soon! As in tomorrow, so be sure to get your Free World Cup Bets now!
Game 6 Computer Pick Game 6 tonight, it’s going to be a big one. Our computer system is going with Lakers -6.5. You can get that line at Bodog.
Tips for June 25 Hey everyone,

Sorry for no WNBA Tips the last little while. It’s been a combination of the World Cup being my sole focus, and quite frankly nothing to bet on on the days I’ve checked the system.

I’m not sure if the system is too strict at this stage – I made some changes pre-season to try and get more accurate results – and that may be a fallback from that, or if there just hasn’t been anything worth betting.

I’ll be looking at the system carefully the next week and seeing if I can spot any problems where it’s being too restrictive in regard to WNBA Betting Tips.

Tonight we DO have some tips thankfully. They are:

Indiana Fever vs Seattle Storm: Over 145.5
Connecticut Sun vs Phoenix Mercury: Sun -5

WNBA Tips for July 6 Long story short – went camping last week, took everything I needed to do WNBA Tips…….except my all important database. Sigh.

Today we have:

Sun vs Stars: Over 156.5
Fever vs Sky: Over 146

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WNBA Tips for July 14 I don’t know what it is this season, but the system just hasn’t been happy with the lines set. I may have to do some fine tuning as we’ve only had 16 picks so far which at this stage of the season is crazy.

Tonight thankfully we have some picks.

San Antonio Silver Stars vs Chicago Sky: Over 148
Seattle Storm vs Phoenix Mercury: Storm -1.5

WNBA July 29 Bets 2-0 last time out.

In the Silver Stars vs Mystics game tonight, take Silver Stars Over 147.5.

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WNBA July 30 Tips I’m very sorry if you got the newsletter this morning rather than yesterday with the tip in it for the Mystics vs Silver Stars game. We had a problem at the server.

From here on out we will have WNBA Tips every day. If there is not any tips for a day where there are games I will post that there are no tips so you know. If it is close to game time and you don’t have any tips in your inbox, please check the website https://www.WNBATips.com

We’re on a nice little run of wins – lets keep it coming.

Washington Mystics vs Indaiana Fever: Over 145
New York Liberty vs LA Sparks: Sparks +7.5
Seattle Storm vs Chicago Sky: Sky +8

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WNBA July 31 Tips Unfortunate 1-2 loss last night.

Tonight we have:

Minnesota Lynx vs Seattle Storm: Storm -4.5

WNBA Tips for August 7 In todays game take the Lynx +7 vs the Chicago Sky.

WNBA Tips August 10 We won last time out, let’s see if we can get some wins this evening.

5 games going tonight. Tips for tonight:

Connecticut Sun vs Washington Mystics: Sun +4, Over 151
Minnesota Lynx vs San Antonio Silver Stars: Lynx +4.5

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WNBA Picks August 14 2-1 last time out. Nice to get a win, although this season betting wise has been rather dire in terms of quantity of picks.

Roll on the NBA season. I can’t wait.

Today the computer system takes Sparks -6.5 vs the Shock.

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WNBA Playoffs & Free $10 Hi guys,

I know this season has been very poor in terms of quantity of WNBA Betting Tips – as I’ve said previously this season, the sportsbooks seemed to get sharper this year and I just wasn’t confident enough in the betting system. The amount of work I have put into the WNBA Betting System compared to the NBA Betting System is like night and day,and while I am 100% confident in the NBA Betting System I simply wasn’t confident enough in the WNBA Betting System.

Believe me – the 2nd last thing I wanted to do was lose money, and the last thing I wanted to do was be the cause of YOU losing money. I take sports handicapping very seriously, and I’m not going to throw out tips just for the sake of it.

I’m confident about the WNBA Playoffs and of course the NBA later this year. The WNBA Playoffs especially I think will get the benefit of the work I have been putting into the system recently, and that kicks off on August 25th.

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I’ll be back on the 25th for the start of the WNBA Playoffs and we will DESTROY. Well, try to anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

WNBA Playoff Betting Tips for Aug 26 It’s WNBA Playoff time and that means one thing – the NBA season is even closer! Woo-hoo!

Let’s build up our bankroll prior to the NBA season with some solid wins over the WNBA Playoffs.

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Looking at the lines, they actually have better odds depending on what you want to bet than Pinnacle & 5Dimes.

We’re going to take advantage of that tonight. The Indiana Fever are +3 elsewhere, but Fever +3.5 at Bet Revolution which is the computer systems pick for tonight.

WNBA Playoff Tips Aug 29 Liberty play the Fever in todays WNBA Playoff game.

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Our system expects this to be a tight game, with overtime an option. Our official bet for this game is Liberty/Fever Over 146.5.
Liberty vs Dream Pick In liberty vs dream the computer system likes new york to win without too much of a struggle. Take liberty -4.5.
Roll on the NBA Season… Well it’s not been a good year for the WNBA Tips in terms of quantity and quality. Unfortunately it just felt like the books were a lot sharper this year, with smarter lines. We only had about 25 picks during the regular season when we usually have at least double or triple that.

I’ll of course be spending the off-season re-examing the WNBA Betting System so we can get back to business next season.

So roll on the NBA Season, as I am confident that the model I use is perfected for the NBA now. The regular season will begin on October 26th, 2010.

In the meantime, be sure to take advantage of our NFL Betting Tips. This is a computer system that we have been using for a few years. Click here for Week 1 Tips.

See you in October!