WNBA Bets 2008 Archive


This is a list of all of the WNBA Bets I made during the 2008 WNBA Season.

I did individual posts each day however I compiled them all into one post for these betting archives.

Unfortunately it’s a bit of a mess!

In 2008 I had two separate betting systems going. The regular one, and then a first half betting system.

Our total record was 48-32 for a 60% Win Ratio.

Anyway here they are:

WNBA Tips Update Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give an update on this season for everyone.  The WNBA regular season of course starts today, however I need to get some data from the games first before we start with the betting predictions for this season.  Looking at the schedule, I think it’ll be around next Friday or Saturday that we’ll be able to start handicapping.  Good luck to everyone this season, let’s hope for another winning one!
May 24th: Connecticut Sun vs Sacramento Monarchs, Seattle Storm vs San Antonio Silver Stars First pick of the season, in the Connecticut Sun vs Sacramento Monarchs game.  Take Connecticut -7.
May 25th: No Picks We went 1-0 yesterday to get off to a winning start, which is always nice.  There will be no picks for Sunday.
May 26th: Connecticut Sun vs Indiana Fever One pick for Tuesday, as we ride the Sun again, as they play host to Indiana Fever.  The bet is Connecticut Sun -7.5.
May 29th: No picks There will be no picks for Thursday, May 29th.
May 30: No picks yet Sorry guys, but another day, and no picks as the system doesn’t like anything.  If you’re looking for action, Connecticut -6 is borderline – not enough for me to recommend it at this early stage though.
May 31: Phoenix Mercury vs Minnesota Lynx Yay – we finally have a pick again, as the Minnesota Lynx host Phoenix Mercury.  The bet is Minnesota Lynx -4.5.

Also while not an official pick – Washington Mystics +7.5 is marginal.
June 1: No picks The win yesterday puts us at 2-1 for the season.  No picks for Sunday, June 1st.  As the season progresses, there will be a lot more picks.  However I am a cautious better, and an even more cautious tipster, and early on especially I want to be a lot more confident in a pick before I post it.  I jumped the gun on that Connecticut vs Indiana pick a few days ago for example – that was marginal, but I got caught up in the whole wanting to get some picks going thing because I’ve been waiting many many months for this time period to come.  So just remember when there is no picks – its because I want to minimize the risk, and maximize the reward 🙂

There is no games Monday, but with five games on Tuesday I’ll hopefully have some picks then.
June 3rd: Chicago Sky vs LA Sparks Current record is 2-1.

For Tuesday, June 3rd we have Chicago Sky at home to the LA Sparks.  Take Chicago Sky +7.5.
June 4th: Detroit Shock vs Seattle Storm Current record is 3-1.  For Wednesday, June 4th, Detroit Shock play host to the Seattle Storm.  Take Detroit Shock -4.
June 6th: No picks Unfortunately no picks for June 6th.
June 7th: Houston Comets vs Indiana Fever, Chicago Sky vs Atlanta Dream I have two picks for Saturday, June 7th, and it’s hopefully a day for the dogs, because we have Houston Comets at Indiana Fever, and are taking Houston +9, and in Chicago Sky vs Atlanta Dream, we have Atlanta +11.

Also – I am working on a new system for first halves.  I don’t have the first half lines available to me yet, but I might be back later today with some WNBA first half picks, and some more details.
June 7th: WNBA First Half Plays Okay – this is the debut of an experimental system I’ve got for first half plays.  I stress that it is experimental so I’d recommend reducing your betting size.   The only bet for today is Atlanta against Chicago.  Take Atlanta +6.5 first half.
June 8th: Minnesota Lynx vs SA Silver Stars, Sacramento Monarchs vs New York Liberty A bit of confusion on the line from yesterday, as I might’ve made a mistake.  Houston was apparently +9.5 at most books, not +9.  Hopefully most of you got on the +9.5 if that was the case.  Either way, push or win – thank you very much Tina Thompson for that game saving 3 pointer!

As for Atlanta – wow.  Just wow.  That second quarter in particular was just horrific.

No first half lines released yet – if I have any picks they’ll be up in the morning.  For the actual games tomorrow however, we have two plays.  In New York Liberty versus Sacramento Monarchs take New York Liberty -7, and for San Antonio Silver Stars vs Minnesota Lynx, take the Minnesota Lynx -6.
June 8th: First Half Lines One first half line tip today – in the Minnesota Lynx/SA Silver Stars game, take Lynx -3.5.
June 10th: No pick Yesterday we went 1-1 in regular plays, and 1-0 in first half plays.

No picks for the Minnesota Lynx vs Connecticut Sun game on June 10th.   Game opened at a PK, but has moved to -3.5 Lynx, which is the wrong way for us unfortunately.  Highly doubtful there will be a first half play.  Ton of games Wednesday so lets meet again then to hopefully make some more money!
June 11: Detroit Shock vs LA Sparks For Wednesday June 11th in the game between Detroit Shock and LA Sparks, take Detroit Shock +5.5.
June 11th: First Half Play Sorry for the lateness of this – was at the rugby.  If anyone managed to catch the Scotland A vs Argentina game earlier, my son was the mascot for Scotland 🙂

Take LA Sparks -3 in the first half tonight.   And to those who asked, yes you can take Detroit +4.5 as the line has moved down that way.  System thinks they can win it outright.
June 12th & 13th Plays: Sacramento Monarchs vs Minnesota Lynx, Connecticut Sun vs LA Sparks, San Antonio Silver Stars vs Seattle Storm Our current record is 6-4 in regular plays, 2-1 in first half plays.

Tonight in the Sacramento Monarchs vs Minnesota Lynx, we have a first half play. Take Monarchs +5.5.

For tomorrow, no first half lines are out yet. For the spreads, in Connecticut Sun vs LA Sparks take the Suns +5.5 and in the San Antonio Silver Stars vs Seattle Storm take San Antonio -2.
June 13th First Half Play San Antonio Silver Stars -1
June 14th: Houston Comets vs Seattle Storm We went 2-0 in regular plays on Friday, and 1-1 on Thursday/Friday for first half plays.

Just the one play for Saturday.  In the Houston Comets vs Seattle Storm game, take Houston +2.
June 14th: First Half Plays First half plays:

PhoenixMercury +1
Houston Comets +1.5
New York Liberty -1
June 15th: No Picks Yesterday we went 2-1 in half-time plays(current record: 5-3) and 1-0 in regular plays(current record: 9-4).

No picks for today in the Indiana/San Antonio game, although I’ll personally be betting on the over.  I have this at 140 points without Catchings, and although I expect her game time will be limited, I think she can add enough that this one will go over easily.  Happy Fathers Day everyone!
June 15th: First Half Play Indiana Fever -4
June 18th: Chicago Sky vs LA Sparks, Connecticut Sun vs Phoenix Mercury Apologies for the delay in posting these.

For June 18th, we currently have two plays.  In Chicago Sky vs LA Sparks take Chicago +10.5(I see +10 at a few books and that is fine too), and in Connecticut Sun vs Phoenix Mercury, take Connecticut Sun +1.  Again I’m seeing discrepancies as I see -1 at a few books, but -1 is fine too.
June 20th: Atlanta Dream vs Washington Mystics, Phoenix Mercury vs Chicago Sky Apologies again for the delay in posting these.  I’ve ran into a lot of computer problems the last few days.  We also had a bad day on Wednesday, as we unfortunately went 0-2, to bring the record to 9-6.  Can’t win ’em all sadly.

Let’s hope we can bounce back tonight.  Two plays, Atlanta Dream +11 vs Washington Mystics, and Chicago Sky +8.5 vs Phoenix Mercury.  There will most likely be no first half plays as I don’t think I’ll be home tomorrow till late.  I will try though.
June 22nd: Atlanta Dream vs Detroit Shock On Friday we had 1 win and 1 push, to bring the season record to 10-6, or 62.5%.

For Sunday June 22nd, take Atlanta +11.  I’ll hopefully have some first half plays.
June 22nd: First Half Plays Two first half plays:

Liberty -1, Dream +6
June 23rd: Washington Mystics vs Phoenix Mercury, Houston Comets vs San Antonio Silver Stars In the Washington Mystics vs Phoenix Mercury game take Washington -1.  In Houston Comets vs San Antonio Silver Stars, take Houston +8.5.
June 23rd: First Half Plays First half plays for tonight:

Sacramento Monarchs +4
Connecticut Sun -1.5
LA Sparks -3.5
June 26th: New York Liberty, Chicago Sky, Houston Comets & Washington mystics Our current regular record is 11-8, and first half record is 8-6.  Not as good as I hoped at this stage of the season, and hopefully we can have a good little upswing over the next few weeks.

For June 26th, we have four plays:

New York Liberty vs Indiana Fever: Liberty -3.
Chicago Sky vs Phoenix Mercury: Sky +2.5.
Houston Comets vs SA Silver Stars: Comets +3.
LA Sparks vs Washington Mystics: Mystics +12.
June 26: First Half Plays Monarchs +3
Comets +1.5
Sky +1
Mystics +7
June 28: Sacramento Monarchs vs New York Liberty, First Half Plays We had a better night on June 26th, with 3-1 in regular plays to take that record to 14-9.  Unfortunately the experimental first half plays went 0-3-1, to bring that record to 8-9.  I’m not scrapping it yet however, as looking at the data I think that with some more fine tuning, it should be a success.  Apologies for missing Friday as I was out all day – would’ve been a win too 🙁

One regular play tonight – in New York Liberty vs Sacramento Monarchs, take Sacramento -3.5.  For first half plays, take the Sacramento Monarchs -2, Chicago Sky +3 and the SA Silver Stars -2.5.
June 29th, 2008: Atlanta Dream vs Detroit Shock Yesterday we went 1-0 in regular plays to bring the record to 15-9, and 2-1 in half time plays, to take that to 10-10.

One regular play today – in the Atlanta Dream vs Detroit Shock game, take Atlanta +15.  Also take Atlanta +9 in the first half.  We’ve been burned by Atlanta before – let’s hope that doesn’t happen this time!
July 1st: SA Silver Stars vs Detroit Shock, Houston Comets vs Connecticut Sun We had a good day on the 29th with both plays winning, taking the regular record to 16-9, and the first half record to 11-10.

For July 1st, in SA Silver Stars vs Detroit Shock, take the SA Silver Stars -3.  In Houston Comets vs Connecticut Sun, take Houston +9.5.

For first half plays, take the SA Silver Stars -1.5, Houston Comets +6,
July 3rd: Minnesota Lynx vs LA Sparks Sorry about the delay.  One regular play tonight – in LA Sparks vs Minnesota Lynx, take the Lynx +8.  No first half plays.
July 4th: Houston Comets vs Sacramento Monarchs, Chicago Sky vs Atlanta Dream Two regular plays for Saturday.  In the Houston Comets vs Sacramento Monarchs game, take the Houston Comets -2.5.  In the Chicago Sky vs Atlanta Dream game, take Chicago Sky -3.5.
July 6, 2008: Washington Mystics vs SA Silver Stars, Phoenix Mercury vs LA Sparks Picks for both games today.  in the SA Silver Stars vs the Washington Mystics, take the Mystics +2.  In LA Sparks vs Phoenix Mercury, take Phoenix Mercury +7.
July 8: Sacramento Monarchs vs Seattle Storm We had an unfortunate 0-2 day on July 6 to bring our record to 18-11.

Only the one play on Tuesday.  In Sacramento Monarchs vs Seattle Storm, take Monarchs -2.
July 9, 2008: Minnesota vs Atlanta, LA Sparks vs Houston Well unfortunately Sacramento got creamed yesterday, in quite a surprise.  True line I had for that was Monarchs -7.  A slight positive was that the system predicted the exact point difference(with a 1 point buffer) in the four other games.  The spreads were too close to make any of them a bet, however it is still nice to see that.

Regular Record: 19-14
First Half Plays: 13-10

The lines aren’t up yet(that I can see) for the games on Wednesday, and I am going to be out all day, so I probably won’t be able to post anything.  So I’m going to do some probables:

Minnesota vs Atlanta: Minnesota -5.  Atlanta +12.
LA Sparks vs Houston: LA -2.  Houston +8.

What that means, is that if Minnesota are -3 for example, bet on Minnesota.  If they are -7, don’t bet on anyone.  If they are -12, you would bet on Atlanta.  I guess I can do the same for the first halves:

Minnesota vs Atlanta: Minnesota -2.  Atlanta +5.
LA Sparks vs Houston: LA -2.  Houston +6.

If someone could post in the comments the actual first half lines I’d appreciate that for easier record tracking.  Thanks, and good luck.
July 12th: Chicago Sky One pick for Saturday – Chicago +8.
July 17th: No picks Ack – very disappointed today as I didn’t realize the games were played early on – I thought they were later, and wasn’t home in time.  We’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch lately, and would’ve went 2-0 tonight 🙁

No picks for 17th – just wanted to check in to let you know I’m not dead!
July 18: Four Picks Might have first half plays later but gotta head out just now:

Indiana -4
Chicago +2
Washington +3.5
Atlanta +9
July 19th: Houston, Atlanta and First Half Plays Last night we went 2-2.  This brings our regular record to 22-17, or 56.4% which isn’t exactly ideal.  The true record is actually 26-17(4 wins, 1 loss not posted, plus one pick where I jumped the gun early in the season when the bot didn’t fully recommend it).  That would be 60.5% which is a bit better, however I still think we should be doing better than that.  Last season I spent a lot of time tinkering with the system, and so I’m wanting to have one full season without changes to see how things go, and then reevaluate from there.  So all I ask is have a little faith & patience 🙂

In Houston vs LA today, take Houston -1.  In Atlanta vs Phoenix, take Atlanta +11.  In first half plays, take Indiana Fever +4, Houston PK, Atlanta +7.
July 20th: Detroit Shock vs Sacramento Monarchs, Connecticut Sun vs Chicago Sky Last night we went 1-1 in regular plays, 2-1 in half time plays.  Regular record is 23-18, first half record is 16-11.

For Sunday – in Detroit Shock vs Sacramento Monarchs take Sacramento +9.  In Connecticut Sun vs Chicago Sky, take Chicago +8.5.  Hopefully back later with some first half plays.
July 20th: First Half Plays First Half Plays:

Seattle Storm -1, Sacramento Monarchs +5
July 24th: Chicago Sky vs SA Silve Stars On Sunday we went 2-0.  Regular record: 25-18, first half record 16-11.

Chicago Sky vs SA Silver Stars: Take Chicago Sky +12.
July 25th: First Half Plays Only first half plays for today unfortunately.  Seattle Storm +3, Minnesota Lynx +1.
July 27, 2008: Washington Mystics vs Connecticut Sun Just the one pick for today currently, although maybe some first half plays later.  In Washington Mystics vs Connecticut Sun, take Washington Mystics +2.
July 27th First Half Plays First half plays for July 27th: Sacramento Monarchs +3, San Antonio Silver Stars +1.

WNBATips.com Site Update Hello everyone,

First, I want to apologize for the lack of posts and updates here recently.  This was simply due to a major oversight in my part; after studying the WNBA after the Olympics, I wasn’t comfortable with providing any more betting tips.  The oversight was that I thought I had already posted here to inform everyone of this, however unfortunately that was not the case.  Long story short, I had marked the story informing everyone of this as private instead of public, so only I was able to see it.

However the good news was that it was another successful season in the WNBA.  In 2007 we had a 60% win record.  In 2008 our regular plays went 59.1%, and our first half plays were 58.6%, which are at the high end of the expected sustainable rate when it comes to sports betting, so I am very happy with that.  Over the next few months until the 2009 season, this site will return to just WNBA news.  However no users will receive e-mails related to WNBA news, as I know a lot of you are just interested in the betting.

Even better news however: I am finally launching the NBA Betting site.  I ran tests privately on the NBA in the 2007/2008 season, and was very happy with the results, to the extent that I will be providing the same free service for the NBA, as I did the WNBA. 

I want to thank everyone for visiting the site throughout the 2008 season, and I hope you enjoyed making money – I sure did!