Where To Bet WNBA


Welcome to my Where To Bet WNBA page.

On this page I list sportsbooks where you can bet on the WNBA.

Currently I’m only advising you bet at two online sportsbooks for WNBA.

One covers American sports bettors, the other covers everyone else.

The reason I am only listing these two at the moment is I’m studying the betting options over the course of the season.

If I see sportsbooks offer more options for WNBA I’m going to start listing them – especially if their odds are better.

However right now I wanted to go with the most trustworthy online sportsbooks to bet WNBA.

One is for Americans, one isn’t.

Where To Bet WNBA If You’re American:

The number one online sportsbook I can recommend for WNBA Betting is Bovada.

The reason for that first and foremost is trust. For American sports bettors who don’t use Bitcoin I can’t advise anyone better. Hell even if you do use Bitcoin they accept that and I still would strongly advise them.

Bovada have been around forever. They had a name change from Bodog many years ago but they’re the most trustworthy brand and sportsbook for Americans looking for where to bet on the WNBA.

If you don’t have an account there it’s great as they offer a $250 bonus for all new sign-ups. It’s a 50% welcome bonus so basically deposit $500 then you have $750 in your account. The wagering requirement is fairly small too – you can easily clear it over a WNBA regular season.

Bovada also offer good odds and the juice is usually standard. The only negative is the lack of prop bets available for WNBA.

However they have one of the best options for mobile betting there is. More and more these days we do everything on our mobile phone and it is important to have an online sportsbook that respects cellphone betting.

Bovada is one that does that.

So if you’re American, your best choice is Bovada.

Where To Bet WNBA For Everyone Else:

So you’re not American – you’re from United States and want to know where to bet the WNBA?

My #1 choice is Bet365.

You’ve probably heard of Bet365 before. They’re awesome – they really are. Best overall online sportsbook etc.

However when it comes to WNBA – man, no-one even comes close to them.

Like any standard sportsbook they offer the point spread and over/under for the games.

However then they offer half lines. You can bet the WNBA 1st half or WNBA 2nd half as well as the 1st quarter. That’s all before the game begins – when the game begins you can live bet during the game.

So if you think the Mercury are having bad luck but will turn it around – you can bet them at great odds when they’re down by 10 points. I do it a lot.

Then there’s the prop bets. Here are just some of the available WNBA prop bets at Bet365 for each game:

– Alternative Point Spreads & Game Toals.
– Race to 20 points.
– Double Result (ie: First Half/Second Half)
– Exact Winning Margin.
– Specific Team Totals
– Highest Scoring Quarter
– Team who will have the Highest Scoring Quarter

And that’s just some of them. I mean i take the WNBA seriously but I do love to bet just for fun as well. I’ll randomly bet the highest scoring quarter as the 1st quarter in a lot of games for example because then you’re cheering on a fast start, and the rest of the game is hoping the score stays low in each quarter. The odds are usually nice for that bet too so makes it fun.

Anyway if you’re not in USA, seriously move your WNBA betting over to Bet365.