WNBA Tips Returning for 2018


Hi everyone,

The WNBA season is almost upon us.

The 2018 WNBA season returns this Friday, May 18th. It features Mercury vs Wings as the opening game.

I will be returning to do WNBA Tips this year. Been getting a lot of e-mails asking so just want to confirm that yep I will be.

As always my betting system needs to grab data from the first few games so it’ll be a week or two before I actually provide tips.

Hopefully we’ll have more tips than last season. Last year we only had 21 tips. However it ended up being a great year as we ended up going 14-7 for a sick 66.7% win ratio. While I’d like to see the quantity increase – I still prefer quality over quantity.

So yes just a quick note that I will be back very soon! Oh and yes the tips will be free again this season.