WNBA Tips for May 30th, 2017


As I said I was taking the weekend off unfortunately. I was hoping to get to the tips but I didn’t get the chance.

Pity as we were on a roll after Friday and a nice 2-0 night with the WNBA Betting Tips.

However we’ve got two games today and the WNBA Betting System actually has its first tip. So hopefully things get off to a winning start with that.

I’ll still do my personal tips however if they oppose the betting system in any way I’ll mention that but in terms of bets or records I’ll still go with the betting system and I’ll make that clear.

Alright let’s get to it:

Fever vs Wings:

Both teams are coming off big losses. The Indiana Fever had a nice run of 2 wins going at home but they went on the road and got thumped by the Storm 94-70. That makes 0-3 for them on the road this season.

The Wings haven’t had a run going yet and that continued with a brutal loss to the Mercury. That was a tough loss for this young team and it’s going to be interesting to see if they can pick things up. The only real positive was their blocking in that game – not really very many.

Their worst thing at the moment is 3 pointers and that game brought their percentage down to just 20.6% – the worst in the league. The next lowest is the Atlanta Dream at 23.6%.

At home, the system likes the Dallas Wings to get their first home win of the season – and more importantly for us, to cover the point spread.

We can only hope that the youngsters pick themselves up after that game – sometimes a good thumping is what a team really needs to get more serious about things.

WNBA Betting System Play: Dallas Wings -3.5

Liberty vs Sparks:

Liberty are underdogs in this one despite being at home. They’re 3.5 point underdogs.

The system feels that line is about right. Liberty haven’t shown too much this season and are coming off an 87-81 loss to the Storm.

The Sparks have had two bad losses in a row although they were right games. They lost 93-90 to the Fever and 75-73 to the Dream.

Personally if I was betting I might lean towards the Liberty in this one with the points. The Sparks have yet to show themselves on the road. Now it’s only 4 games they’ve played – 2 on the road – so it’s hard to fully judge that.

However these things can creep into a team and cause desperation. You never know if that will force them to take their head out of the game.

So while the system has no tips for that one I’d personally lean towards betting against the Sparks road form at the moment.