May 20th, 2017 WNBA Betting Tips


It was a decent night to watch WNBA last night, with the best action coming in the Dream/Sky game.

We had the Sky +1.5 and unfortunately that didn’t work out. The two went in tied at the half 43-43 however the Dream managed to pull away and win the game 91-83. It was a big 14-4 run in the final quarter that killed that one for us as it was looking good up until then.

The Mercury beat the Stars in convincing fashion. They started off strong with a 25-13 1st quarter and that was all she wrote. Stars clawed their way back into it but ended up losing by 6 points.

In the final game of the night it was a great performance by Delle Donne but it wasn’t enough for the Mystics. They picked up their first loss of the season as the Sparks go 2-0 – both at home – in a 99-89 victory.

We turn our attention to tonights games as the Fever host the Sun and then the Wings host the Lynx.

Should be two good games. Let’s get to it:

Sun vs Fever:

This ones a bit too iffy for me to call. I really was not impressed with the Sun in their first performance of the season against the Dream. However they are the type of team that could bounce back very well and I could see them doing that here.

The Fever are tough to gauge at this point in the season obviously but I really felt defensively they were poor against the Mercury, while offensively they were very good. Whether their offense keeps ticking or their defense steps up it’s tough to say.

I’m too undecided on that one and there’s going to be no play for me there.

Lynx vs Wings:

I was really impressed by the Wings in their first game. They took apart the Mercury very well. They’re a young team and they’re going to be a team that upsets a lot of teams.

I’m going to back them tonight against the Lynx.

The line is Wings +9.5 and I’ve got to get on that. It just seems too high a line for them playing at home here. Watching that first game they look like they’ll battle all the way.

The Lynx are a damn solid team of course so it’s a big test for them. I can’t see them winning but I do believe they have what it takes to keep it close.

I’d probably bet the Wings in this one all the way down to +8. It’s the start of the season so remember fatigue can affect things – Lynx are just coming off a game on Thursday so may be a bit tired.

May 19th, 2017 WNBA Betting Tips


It was a 0-1 night last night with my opinion picks as the Liberty had a piss poor performance at home to the Lynx.

It’s funny as when it’s the betting system that has that picks, if they lose I don’t really care. I mean it happens. However as this was a personal opinion pick – man it ticked me right off.

Really thought the Liberty were going to have a good second half too but they just got crushed. Very frustrating because if you had read the write-up yesterday you know I was backing them based on their mentality and yeah – they had no fight at all for the second half. They just looked like they were ready to call it a night.

In saying that it was a great performance from Minnesota though. They looked damn solid and when they are on fire like that it’s tough to match up with them.

They came out strong the second half and blew Liberty away and there was nothing they could do.

Oh well. Continue reading “May 19th, 2017 WNBA Betting Tips”

May 18th, 2017 WNBA Tips


Today we’ve got the Minnesota Lynx vs the New York Liberty and I’ve got one betting tip for that game.

My computerized betting system has no tips yet as mentioned – however I have a personal tip for this game.

It’s an interesting one because initially I was going to skip today. However the more I looked at it I decided I liked the New York Liberty +4 – line available at Bovada.

A lot of my reasoning for this one is because of the reaction from the Liberty camp following the first game.
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May 17th, 2017 WNBA Betting Tips


We have just the one WNBA game tonight as the Phoenix Mercury take on the Indiana Fever.

For those wondering it takes a few games for my computer system to take in all the data, look for consistencies etc so it’ll be a few more games for that system to have betting tips.

Generally I like to go with at least 5 games played per team to start gathering those stats. May be a bit longer in regard to some teams such as the LA Sparks with the missing players. Continue reading “May 17th, 2017 WNBA Betting Tips”

May 14th, 2017 WNBA Betting Tips


It was a 2-0 start to the WNBA season which was nice as both picks came in yesterday.

I went with the LA Sparks -6 and they covered with a score of 78-68. I pretty much nailed it yesterday saying that the Storm would start well but fade off. The Storm went into the half just 1 behind however the Sparks came out strong in the second half and got the win.

My other tip was Dream +7 and we didn’t even need the points in that pone as the Dream won. Even without McCoughtry the Dream looked damn good. They got an early lead and managed to keep it and had a very good 4th quarter. Continue reading “May 14th, 2017 WNBA Betting Tips”

WNBA Tips for May 13th, 2017


The WNBA season kicks off today – Saturday, May 13th 2017.

I’ll be returning with the WNBA Tips for an 11th year in a row! We’ve had 8 out of 10 profitable seasons and I’m hoping to make this #9.

Things will be a bit different this year – although in a good way. I’m a lot more motivated about the WNBA than prior years to the point I was watching all the pre-season games, reading everything I can about the upcoming season etc. Continue reading “WNBA Tips for May 13th, 2017”

WNBA Championship 2017 Futures Betting Tips


The WNBA 2017 Season is almost upon us, and I’ll be returning with WNBA Tips for an 11th season.

If you’ve been following these tips you’ll know in terms of quantity etc I’ve really dropped off since the early days. I mean in 2009 I had 162 tips and in 2014 I had um…10. Yeah.

A lot of it was due to the lines not being as soft and it wasn’t as appealing to me. However I did well last season even without caring too much – I went 22-11 for 66.7% win ratio which is ridiculous.
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