June 13th, 2018 WNBA Betting Tips


Hi all,

It felt great yesterday as we got off to a winning start going 1-0.

Regardless of what goes on during the season I always feel the pressure on that first game.

We had Mercury +2 and they won 75-72. It was a bit nervy at times but they had a great huge 4th quarter even with Griner fouling out.

A good night of action overall. Fever go 0-6 at home after an OT lose to the Aces. That was great and a fun game.

I’m hoping the Aces can carry the momentum in tonight with tonights tip:

Aces vs Liberty Betting Tips:

This is the second time the Aces are playing a B2B this season. Last time they got a huge W over the Mystics 85-73.

They go into this one with a 10 point handicap.

These two teams are yet to play this season but it’ll be interesting for Liberty fans seeing Bill Laimbeer on the other side of things.

A’ja Wilson had an exceptional performance last night and I’m hoping for more from her. She’s really rocking.

Aces blew a lead last night so you have to hope for more consistency tonight.

Not too impressed with the Liberty at the moment. That win over the Fever was ugly and they should never have went down the stretch like that – game should have been done and dusted and I’m not too impressed with them.

Let’s hope they remain sluggish tonight and the Aces carry the momentum.

System likes Aces +10.

June 12th, 2018 WNBA Tips


Hi all,

I apologize for no WNBA Tips yet this season. I’ve just been absolutely swamped preparing for the World Cup.

I just recently launched BetSoccer.ca and that has been taking up so much of my time.

Going through and studying everything and watching the friendlies and qualifiers etc. Then writing tips for all the opening games.

Basically the work involved in that meant I wasn’t able to focus on the WNBA so I held off on that until I had time.

I’m all caught up and now statistically I’m able to handle the WNBA and hey we’ve got betting action tonight!

Dallas Wings vs Phoenix Mercury Betting Tips:

The Mercury are on a roll with a 5 game win streak but it’s a big test tonight as they face the Dallas Wings.

These two teams played on the 18th and the Mercury at home beat the Wings 86-78. The Mercury have been solid on the road and that’s where their winning streak began as they beat the Lynx, Dream and Liberty all on the road.

Lot of hot players coming into this one for the Mercury such as Brittney Griner who almost got a trible double last time out.

System likes Mercury to log another W. It is a bit hesitant due to the Wings performances at home thus far though. That’s why I generally like to wait for a lot of data but I think Mercury +2 is fine.

I’ll be honest I am not feeling super confident simply for lack of data so it’s your call if you want to back it or not – maybe just do a half unit bet that’s what I am doing.

WNBA Tips Returning for 2018


Hi everyone,

The WNBA season is almost upon us.

The 2018 WNBA season returns this Friday, May 18th. It features Mercury vs Wings as the opening game.

I will be returning to do WNBA Tips this year. Been getting a lot of e-mails asking so just want to confirm that yep I will be.

As always my betting system needs to grab data from the first few games so it’ll be a week or two before I actually provide tips.

Hopefully we’ll have more tips than last season. Last year we only had 21 tips. However it ended up being a great year as we ended up going 14-7 for a sick 66.7% win ratio. While I’d like to see the quantity increase – I still prefer quality over quantity.

So yes just a quick note that I will be back very soon! Oh and yes the tips will be free again this season.

September 6th, 2017 WNBA Betting Tips


Hi all,

Well the WNBA Playoffs are upon us. It was a solid regular season with the picks despite a lack of quantity. The WNBA betting system went 14-7 for an impressive 66.7% win ratio – the same win ratio we had in 2016.

I do wish we could have more picks but it is what it is – we’ve got winners and that’s all that matters.

I haven’t had much luck with the betting system when it comes to the playoffs in the past. So it will mostly be my personal opinion while using the betting system as a base.

Two Game 1s tonight. The Mystics host the Wings and the Mercury host the Storm. In terms of futures, the Mystics are +1200 and the Wings +5000 to win the Championship while the Mercury are +1600 and the Storm +3300.

The Wings go into their game as +5.5 point underdogs while the Storm are getting 4.5 points.

Looking at the Mystics vs Wings game – I’d say the Mystics are the better team by far. However they’re in the playoffs more due to their overall season form as opposed to their form in the latter quarter of the season.

The Wings were poor on the road but went 2-0 in games against Washington this season.

I personally think I’ll go with Wings +5.5. The big thing for me was that the return of Delle Donne didn’t change things for the Mystics like it should have. I think the Wings can at least keep this one close and having beaten Washington both times this season, they’ve got to be confident. When you have that type of confidence it can keep you in a game – knowing you can beat them.

A fun stat in the Mercury vs Storm game is in their 3 previous meetings, where the Mercury won twice, the road team won every time.

I feel Mercury are the better team but I’m not fully convinced. Britney Griner is going to be in beast mode here so its tricky. I do think the Mercury will win but I’m not sure they’ll cover. I’m staying away from this one.

August 29th, 2017 WNBA Betting Tips


Sorry for no tips over the last week. Was out at my cottage with very limited internet access.

The system likes Sun +1 today.

It’s a bit tricky as with both teams in the playoffs, motivation isn’t as big a factor. Yeah people talk about momentum and so on but I think you can always see a drop off for teams in regards to how much they push.

The Sun too are tired. Three games coming up over the next few days all on the road you have to wonder how tired they are and if they’re going to drop against the Sun.

I’ll recommend the system tip here as it might be a reactionary line to the Sky performance and if they don’t win we won’t bet them for the rest of the regular season.

August 18th, 2017 WNBA Betting Tips


Hi guys,

The system likes Sky +7, Fever +15.5, Mystics +3.5 tonight.

Should be a good game with the Sky vs Sparks. The Sky are going into this one on the back of 3 wins and they beat the Sparks last time out. Sky are currently 4th in the East and will be looking for a win to get closer to .500. Sparks are closing in on that top spot in the West but their road record is quite weak.

The Lynx will be looking for a bit win over the Fever but the loss of Whalen has saw them struggle. And injuries seem to be hitting them. They should still win but hopefully with this battered team the Fever will be able to keep it close.

Finally the Mystics had that brutal loss to the Sparks and are short-handed. This is a big one and Griner is back for the Mercury which is a bit scary however that’s what the system likes!

Good luck out there tonight people.

August 6th, 2017 WNBA Betting Tips


We went 2-0 last night which brings the WNBA Betting System to 12-5 for the season.

It’s been a good year for the system in terms of quality of picks but unfortunately not so in quantity.

I think that’s just something I have to get used to over the next few seasons – the books are simply too sharp with the lines compared to 2007 and 2008.

There are no picks today unfortunately.

The system was extremely close to tipping the Mercury +3.5 however it just didn’t meet my tight recommendation threshold.

But if you’re looking for action in the early WNBA game, there’s that.

August 5th, 2017 WNBA Betting Tips


Nice easy win yesterday. We had the Sky +1 and we didn’t even need the point as they won. Two bets today.

The system likes the same play today – Sky +1 vs the Dream. Sky lost their last two at home so hopefully they can get back to business with a win. Dream are on a bad run at the moment. The line is set this awy due to Cheyenne Parker but the Sky showed what they’re made of yesterday so hopefully they keep it up.

System also likes the Stars +5.5. So two plays today.

August 4th, 2017 WNBA Tips


Well it wasn’t to be last night. It was looking good until that 4th quarter where Atlanta picked up a whopping TWO points. What a joke that was.

I mean my god they were WINNING by 6 points going into the 4th quarter. I just….I’m at a loss for that one.

Talk about a bad beat.

Tonight we’ve got:

Sky +1