June 2nd, 2017 WNBA Betting Tips


It was a winning night yesterday with the lone WNBA Betting System pick as it went 1-0.

We had Mercury -6 and they took control early in the 2nd quarter and never let up. Taurasi had an absolutely massive game racking up 37 points with Griner helping out with 28 points. Mitchel off the bench did solid too with 14 bench points.

We’re lucky Griner and Taurasi stepped up as the rest of the team really didn’t contribute much.

We turn our attention to today with the Wings vs Liberty – and this is a very, very odd one so be cautious.

Wings vs Liberty

So here’s the deal. The Liberty are already short-handed missing out on Brittany Boyd. However they’re losing Epiphanny Prince and Kia Vaugh for the nxt couple of weeks as well.

Prince is a big loss for the Liberty. Vaughn not too big a loss but still a factor.

I talked to a few people who handicap the WNBA yesterday and with these changes to the Liberty they expecte the Wings to open up as favourites by about a couple of points.

It’s the other way round.

The New York Liberty are -3.5 point favourites in this one.


One of my friends who lives in Dallas said that Karima-Christmas Kelly might not play tonight. However I’ve looked into things and as far as I know she’ll play.

The only thing I can guess at is that Karima-Christmas Kelly may not play though and that’s why the bookies have the odds as they are. As that would be a big loss for Dallas.

Either way I find that it’s not worth trying to outthink the sportsbook. I go by my system numbers and stick with it.

It’s up to you if you want to back this one or not – but if Karima-Christmas Kelly is playing, the WNBA Betting System advises a play on Wings +3.5.