July 24th, 2018 WNBA Betting Tips


Hi everyone,

My apologies for no tips in the last few weeks.

June and July have just been crazy times for me. First of all I had launched my new soccer tips website and that took up a lot of my time with the World Cup.

Then I was out at my cottage for a couple of weeks and the internet there is practically non-existent. I was barely able to read WNBA recaps let alone actually watch a game so it meant I couldn’t keep up to date.

Then when back my mum and sister were visiting me from Scotland. So I was very busy with them.

THEN I had a huge backlog of work ha. So it’s just been a crazy time.

However I’m caught up now and have tried to watch as much WNBA action as I can so hopefully I can keep the tips folowing from here on out.

Mystics vs Sun Betting Tips:

The Mystics go into this one ahead of the Sun in the East with a 14-10 record to their 13-12. The Connecticut Sun are at home however they have struggled there recently. They seem to perform better on the road.

The Mystics are okay on the road and are coming into this one with momentum after a big 95-78 victory over the Liberty.

System likes Mystics to keep this to a score if not win. Mystics +5 is the play.

Dream vs Sparks Betting Tips:

This should be a hell of a game. The Dream are on an amazing run and come into this hot. The Sparks are struggling and stumbling at the moment as the battle for the first round bye intensifies.

System likes the Dream to continue this incredible run. Dream +4 is the play.

June 22nd, 2018 WNBA Betting Tips


Well after a great start, we’ve came up against a few road bumps unfortunately. Just have to keep going and hope it all works out.

The last I’d heard was that Tiffany Hayes was playing for the Dream against the Liberty so that was a disappointing one. She’s a big loss and the system likes the Dream tonight….but not with Hayes not in the line-up. Even if she is she’ll be banged up still I expect.

Let’s get on with tonight:

Mercury vs Lynx Betting Tips:

The leagues hottest team are the Phoenix Mercury and they host the defending champions tonight in the Minnesota Lynx.

The Lynx come into this one on the back of some much better performances. They’ll need a better performance after losing to the Mercury 95-85 on the first of the month.

System thinks Mercury -2.5. It does predict this to be a very tight one however.

June 19th, 2018 WNBA Betting Tips


Sorry for no tips Sunday. I partied a but too hard Saturday night and Sunday was a day for napping in between World Cup games.

we’re back today with a busy evening in the WNBA with 5 games on the board and two betting tips.

Let’s get to it:

Liberty vs Dream Betting Tips:

Both teams will want to put the weekend behind them after two very disappointing games. The Dreams offensive woes popped up again as they were crushed by the Fever.

That was a disappointing defensive performance from them but I hope for better in this one. I think they’ll bounce back strong.

The Liberty haven’t looked good at all this season and their defense isn’t good – the Dream should be able to score more here. Their offense isn’t doing well too and they have been blown out twice in a row now.

System likes Dream +4.5.

Sparks vs Fever Betting Tips:

This is one that concerns me a bit but the system likes Fever +13.5.

I did enjoy their performance over the Dream and I’m hoping that isn’t a fluke. In saying that they have been a lot better since the opening 3 games of the season and are starting to click.

The Sparks are a damn good team but the system thinks the Fever keep it close enough. Let’s hope!

June 15th, 2018 WNBA Betting Tips


3-0 start to the WNBA season!

Fever +10 was the play yesterday and it came through relatively easy with a 72-67 finish for the Atlanta Dream. They only covered by 5 points and so we were able to pick up our third win in a row.

Quick note that those early games are killer and I apologize if the e-mail didn’t come out till late.

Basically the odds don’t become widely available until around 10:30am-11am EST. At that point I have to run my simulations and see if it’s worth betting/tipping.

At that point I make the post however the way my mailing server is set up sucks – it basically only has a window of when I can send the tips outs.

So at 11:30am EST I schedule it to send “anywhere between 12pm-2pm”. And it’ll go within that two hour window.

Usually it comes out right away but it just depends how many are in the queue and it can take longer to get to some people.

So if there’s an early game on just be sure to check the website beforehand. I’ll have it posted there if there is something.

For reference today I’ve posted this one at 12:30pm EST and scheduled it between 1pm-3pm EST so see what time it comes to your inbox.

Let’s see if we can continue the good run:

Aces vs Wings Betting Tips:

It’s been a great road trip for the Aces so far this season and we’ll be backing them to keep the run going and throw in one big last effort as they take on the Dallas Wings.

The Wings come into this with the bad news still looming about the season endign injury of Karima Christmas-Kelly.

The Wings will be shook about that and they’re going to have to change some things around. Going to be interesting seeing how they utilize Kayla Thornton going forward.

Anyway system likes Aces +9.

June 14th, 2018 WNBA Betting Tips


2-0 start to the WNBA season with the tips which is nice.

Todays game kicks off at 11:30am EST so gotta get these out quick. Hopefully you see this in time. Or if it loses – hopefully you missed out on it!

Fever +10 is the play.

June 13th, 2018 WNBA Betting Tips


Hi all,

It felt great yesterday as we got off to a winning start going 1-0.

Regardless of what goes on during the season I always feel the pressure on that first game.

We had Mercury +2 and they won 75-72. It was a bit nervy at times but they had a great huge 4th quarter even with Griner fouling out.

A good night of action overall. Fever go 0-6 at home after an OT lose to the Aces. That was great and a fun game.

I’m hoping the Aces can carry the momentum in tonight with tonights tip:

Aces vs Liberty Betting Tips:

This is the second time the Aces are playing a B2B this season. Last time they got a huge W over the Mystics 85-73.

They go into this one with a 10 point handicap.

These two teams are yet to play this season but it’ll be interesting for Liberty fans seeing Bill Laimbeer on the other side of things.

A’ja Wilson had an exceptional performance last night and I’m hoping for more from her. She’s really rocking.

Aces blew a lead last night so you have to hope for more consistency tonight.

Not too impressed with the Liberty at the moment. That win over the Fever was ugly and they should never have went down the stretch like that – game should have been done and dusted and I’m not too impressed with them.

Let’s hope they remain sluggish tonight and the Aces carry the momentum.

System likes Aces +10.