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We have been providing free WNBA Betting Tips on a daily basis since the 2007 season and have a three season total record of 264-200(56.9%). To keep updated on our tips subscribe below.

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    Getting a bit trickier to do the tips as you have to factor in mentality now and pretty hard for […]

    September 16th, 2016
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    September 13th, 2016
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    Stars +4

    September 9th, 2016

WNBA Computer Generated Betting TipsHi guys,

My name is Graeme and I have been providing Winning Computer Generated WNBA Betting Tips Since 2007.

I first started posting my tips on the 2+2 forums(MrBlueNose for any 2p2ers) more just for fun than anything else. However I soon realized I had an edge over the sportsbooks when it came to WNBA, and therefore launched this website.

It's now the 2014 season. I've had 6 winning seasons out of 7. I sort of lost interest in the WNBA around 2010 - that's why the picks went from 150 per year to around 30. However my interest has peaked again, and I'm back in 2014 to hopefully bring us all another winning season.

This is the home for the free WNBA Tips. That's right - 100% free WNBA Tips. I will not be charging for them this season. Maybe next season - but this season it's all free WNBA Betting Tips.

So subscribe above by inserting your e-mail address, or bookmark us and check back daily. On the right hand side are the latest WNBA Betting Tips.

Finally if you're looking to bet WNBA, head on over to 5Dimes.


Found you recently, and just wish I had found you sooner! Thanks for the tips!- Justin Visser
Not sure why anyone would pay a tout when your winning tips are free!- Anonymous
Paid for my wedding with your 2008 tips! More please!- Scott Smith
Great to see a site dedicated to the WNBA. Keep up the great work!- Gillian Hall

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We've been providing WNBA Tips and NBA Tips since 2007. All tips are free, and 100% computer generated to take out the guesswork and emotion from making picks.

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